Our Story
Go Stellar is a 5-star full service agency specialized in React, Node.js and UI/UX design. We offer speed, flexibility and talent density hard to find anywhere else. As Mercedes-Benz famously put it: "The best or nothing." You deserve the best.
Co-Founder, Full Stack Designer
Working in fintech Goran has built complex real-time trading systems, payment processors and mobile banking apps. This gave him insight into the inner workings of finance as well as user behaviour and expectations. He designs and builds products that are robust, secure and most importantly easy to use.
Co-Founder, Frontend Master
Working in many successful startups Faruk gained comprehensive and deep knowledge of frontend engineering. He achieved a complete mastery of React and many tools from its rich ecosystem. He can code and design equally well. This gave him a unique perspective on how to build eye-catching and highly usable apps.
"Faruk is an incredibly talented full-stack developer and played a key role at my startup. Not only does he have deep expertise and experience in a wide variety of technologies ranging from front-end to back-end to dev-ops, but he is also a great communicator and hard-worker. I highly recommend Faruk to anyone who needs an all-star developer."
David Flatow
CEO, Allocate.ai
"Faruk was very helpful, and understood exactly what I want. Definitely would recommend, straight to the point."
Stephen Hoang
CEO, Find Your PT
"Apart from being a great person, Goran is a very smart and trustworthy developer, working with the latest tech stack, not being afraid to tackle new tech challenges. I hope we will work again together in the near future."
Paul de Groot
CEO, Mobytron
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